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The State of The Market: August 2022

This time last month I sent out a video (and wrote an article) squarely addressing the state of our “new” real estate market in the DMV. Thanks to the data, it is clear we’ve reached the end of ...

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Inflation, home prices, renovation costs oh my!

Let’s face it. Closing the economy for months while simultaneously printing trillions of dollars to “save” us all from economic collapse has resulted in higher prices for just about everything, or inflation if you will. I know that is...

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What to make of the Economy & Housing Market

Written January 28th, 2021If you have been paying attention to the headlines, you might start to feel very confused as to where the economy stands today. There is a war on Wall Street between amateur Reddit stock investors and multi-billion...

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Impact of Amazon HQ2

This weekend the Washington Post published an article stating Amazon has narrowed their sights on Crystal City (Arlington VA) corridor for the company’s sought after HQ2 campus.

The Post wrote “The discussions were more detailed tha...

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